Agricultural Holdings


Mention has already been made of some of the provisions of the Agricultural Holdings Act 2007, which give protection to the tenant of an agricultural holding.27 Moreover, a tenant who receives notice to quit from his landlord may generally serve a counter notice upon the landlord claiming the benefit of the Act, whereupon the notice to quit will become inopera�tive unless the agricultural land tribunal consents to its taking effect, which it can do only in five cases, e.g. in order to enable the landlord to carry out some purpose which is desirable in the interests of good husbandry. In certain cases, however, the tenant has no right to serve a counter notice, e.g. where the landlord's interest in the holding has been materially prejudiced by an irreparable breach by the tenant of a term of the tenancy. (Any question as to whether the tenant has a right to serve a counter notice is settled by arbitration.)

A tenant who is required by his landlord to quit the land is (with some exceptions) entitled to compensation for disturb�ance. The amount of the compensation is not less than one and not more than two years' rent. A tenant who quits his holding is also entitled to compensation for certain improve�ments carried out by him. (There are detailed conditions which it is not proposed to set out here.) The amount of the com�pensation is generally the increase in the value of the holding, but where the improvement is of a short term character the amount is the value of the improvement to a new tenant. There are also provisions under the Act by which from time to time either party may require the amount of the rent to be settled by arbitration. See above under Different Kinds of Leases.Limitation

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