There is little readily available information about the laws concerning property and ownership, and yet for those of us who own property, either privately or through our business, an understanding of it is essential. Here, we have put together a summary of the various laws that effect us. The law is complex and is subject to change. There are a great many pieces of legislation that construct the framework that covers this area, some of them being very old.

The idea of this website is to give an introduction to this framework, the principals inherant in the legislation, and some of the quirks and oddities that persist. You'll find that some pages here make heavy reading, but this is unavoidable it is a heavy subject. We have drawn on a variety of sources, and from our own experience, to put together this comprehensive guide. We do not pretend that what we present here is relaible or comprehensive enough to be the basis to give advice, make important decisions or to replace seeking the guidance of a solicitor. Its aim is to give a background and overview only, and is based simply on what we know.

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Please Note

Land law & Property Law website is not a definitive guide and expert advice should be taken before entering into any property or land agreement, legal or otherwise. You should seek independent professional legal advice before acting upon any information contained within this website. More info see Land Registry or Property Law– WashLaw Web